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Organize, classify and search for your company’s business documents

A Digital Document Managment platform that allows companies to organize, classify, and search for any type of document with a simple but powerful workflow engine.

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SolutionDOC DMS Features

Quickly and accurately organizes and classifies all administrative documents (invoices, delivery notes, orders, inventory book).

Quickly classify

Manage effectively the insertion of meta data using advanced tools that make  indexing and archiving easier and faster.

Go beyond documents

It also imports the documents relating to the correspondence (e- mails, faxes and letters) and those related to commercial management (offers, brochures, photos and videos).

DMS – Document Management System

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Store and Classify

The DMS SolutionDOC® stores and classify each type of business document: administrative (invoices, delivery notes), documents related to the commercial management (offers, photos, videos), and those relating to correspondence (e- mails, faxes, letters).

Multi Company

Because of the multi company management, SolutionDOC® DMS will allow you to monitor every single business unit (and its documents) from a unique interface!

Multi User

With SolutionDOC® it is possible to define groups (eg. Administrative, technical, commercial) and access permission to combine to groups or individual users. You decide who has access to consult or to manage the documents.

Acquisition of analogue documents

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Capture, Index and Archive with SolutionSCAN

SolutionSCAN is our solution to manage automatically any paper document: acquires documents by integration with any TWAIN or ISIS scanner, automatically captures data via BARCODE, OCR, OMR and converts any image scanned into PDF or PDF/A.

Capture Designer: editor to create capture models

The integrated designer SolutionSCAN creates capture models that can be run without the GUI, directly on the server.