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Become a paperless company

with an innovative Document Management Software that looks to the future.


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100 % Legal and Safe: completely eliminate paper files and no need to print. Delegate the responsibility to 2C SOLUTION.


No need to install anything on your computer and any software can be connected to send documents to be stored digitally.


We train and give technical conultance on all regulatory and best practices related to the legal digital storage.


Distribute your contents across corporate and mobile device boundaries


An enterprise content management platform that enables companies to distribute contents in and out of the corporate and mobile device boundaries because of a powerful collaboration engine simple to use.


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Manage your company’s business processes

A business process management platform that enables organizations to manage a wide range of critical business processes with a high-performance process engine.

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Organize, classify and search for your business documents

A Digital Document Managment platform that enables companies to organize, classify, and search for any type of document with a simple but powerful workflow engine.


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SolutionDOC® Suite is an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solution which is composed of a DMS for Document Management and a BPM for Process Management.

SolutionDOC® on Cloud

SolutionDOC® is a documents and processes management software suite that can be used as a service through the cloud technology: there are used software and hardware resources at a small monthly rate!


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SolutionDOC® On Premises

The SolutionDOC® suite can be delivered On Premises mode, rather by acquiring the license to perpetual use of SolutionDOC® that will be installed on your server, guaranteeing complete control and autonomy in the management of the platform.


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Reach the future with us


The vast experience gained from 2C SOLUTION in recent years and the wide knowledge of the sector of its consultants and the development of the whole document management market in the coming years, as forecasted by the most attentive market analysts, will translate in even more advanced solutions, simple and comprehensive for customers.

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