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SolutionDOC® Cloud Platform

SolutionDOC® is a documents and processes management software suite that can be used as a service through the cloud technology: there are used software and hardware resources for a small monthly rate!
Because of the technology of cloud computing you can use hardware resources and massively scalable software and can be distributed on the Internet. The main feature of this model is the possibility of acquiring the software and pay only what you use, without a large upfront investments or installations in-house. SolutionDOC®, being developed with web technologies that blend seamlessly with the cloud model, has developed the new SolutionDOC® Cloud Platform.
The SolutionDOC® Cloud Platform has several tailored solutions that best suits your business needs: small, medium, large, extra large which can handle a few concurrent users to thousands of users with a storage capacity from a few gigabytes to terabytes.

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SolutionDOC® on premises

The SolutionDOC® suite can be delivered On Premises mode, rather by acquiring the license to perpetual use of SolutionDOC® that will be installed on your server, guaranteeing complete control and autonomy in the management of the platform.
The goal is to reduce management costs, make decisions quickly and improve the monitoring of business flows. With SolutionDOC® information swivels towards users with the most innovative management concepts “event-driven”, where you can store and analyze documents and notify information to the user in real time with alerts and suggestions.
On Premises solution allows user to use all the tools provided by the ECM SolutionDOC® optimizing internal management processes and allowing user to find the documents quickly and safely.

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SolutionDOC® benefits


Companies, users and streams unlimited Workflow
The ECM SolutionDOC® Cloud Platform suite is operational 24/7 and with no limit imposed … you choose the right solution for your needs!

Indexing and smart search with FullText
The search is through indexes or using the patented solution “FullText” that allows for semantic search of every word or phrase within the document.

Updates and infrastructure Security
The cloud solution guarantees operating system and SolutionDOC®’s updates, virtual dedicated server, SDK integration, management and infrastructure security.

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